The Best Products have the BEST INGREDIENTS in the Purest Form at the Appropriate Strength and in the correct combinations and best of All it’s BACKED BY CLINICAL Research!

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Why Should you be using Pharmaceutical Skincare?

🌟 Pharmaceutical skincare are required to contain ingredients that are 99%PURE! Products from drug stores or your Fav beauty shop are not held to the same standards.

🌟We’ve all heard of the importance of ACTIVE INGREDIENTS for healthier skin. Medical Grade skincare have Higher Concentration Of Active Ingredients such as RETINOL, VITAMIN C, ANTIOXIDANTS, PEPTIDES and the list goes on.

🌟Pharmaceutical Skincare has to be backed by intensive CLINICAL RESEARCH studies. They are regulated in the same way Pharmaceuticals are regulated and has to be passed by Health Canada. Over the counter Skincare does have the same regulations.

🌟Medical grade skincare has a. DEEP DERMIS PENETRATION formulation. This is key for PREVENTATIVE Measures. This means that medical skincare products penetrates to the dermis, the dermis is where the collagen ladder and collagen cells lives. Deep penetration is vital if you’re looking for RESULTS DRIVEN SKINCARE.

🌟When using Medical Grade Skin it ya to be given to you by a medical professional, whether it’s a Medical Doctor, medical aesthetician, Dermatologist or Nurse.
When you start your medical skincare routine, you’re no longer a client but you become a patient. A patient needs to be guided and monitored on the use of the product, a client just purchases products and leave with no advise or cannot call back for advise.
At VIP MEDSPA we only have PATIENTS, everyone gets medical advise form our Doctor or our medical Aestheticians. We’re a MEDICAL SPA that is LEAD by a Board Certified Physician.

🌟Medical Grade is not necessarily more expensive.
Medical Pharmaceutical Companies like @vivierskin and @Universkin don’t pay for fancy ads and high models to market their products, the PRODUCTS give RESULTS and hence speaks for themselves. This helps to keep the cost down and you’ll be getting RESULTS DRIVEN PRODUCTS .

🌟They work! You won’t be throwing away your money on lots of different products that promised results.

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