platelet rich plasma hair therapy (prp)

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Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy (PRP) is a non surgical procedure for patients requiring growth stimulation for thinning hair or for patients wanting to enhance their Hair Transplant results.
Platelet Rich Plasma a product derived from you the patient. It’s organic and pure. PRP is the Plasma (serum) that’s carefully ,meticulously extracted from your blood through a centrifugation process. PRP is golden in color and is rich in growth factors, stem cells and rich platelets, hence the name PLATELET RICH PLASMA. This rich extract is expertly injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. The best candidates for this treatment are patients with thinning hair or weak hair growth. If you’re noticing that your hairline/ the space used for parting your hair is getting thinner or wider then you should book a consultation with our Doctor. Hair follicles has to be present and functioning. This procedure isn’t for patient’s with complete baldness. Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy (PRP) isn’t used for growing new hair but to strengthen and thicken existing hair follicle. To determine if you’re a candidate for PRP book with our Medical Consultants. If PRP isn’t for you we will suggest the right treatment for you.


How long do the benefits from the treatment last?

The benefits of PRP lasts forever, however, to maintain the hair follicles strength we recommend a touch up treatment once yearly.

What should I expect after my PRP Procedure?

At time of your procedure a topical numbing agent will be applied to your scalp to help keep you comfortable during the injecting process , due to this, patients have reported feeling of numbness for several hours after treatment. Mild redness to the scalp. After the numbness subsides you may feel mild soreness. Patients are advised to stay away from coloring, perming or using any chemical in the hair for approximately 1 week after your treatment. At time of consultation you will be given a Pre & Post Care sheet. Do not shampoo your hair within the first 12 hours of your procedure.

Does PRP procedure hurt?

Pain varies from patient to patient. At VIP MEDSPA we try to keep our patients comfortable as we can, so we apply a topical numbing agent to the scalp and will communicate with you during your treatment. Your comfort is important to us.

What are the Risks associated with PRP?

There is no risk associated with this procedure, there’s no allergic reaction either because the plasma is a natural product derived from your own blood. The PRP has a concentrated amount of white blood cells which are the body’s natural defenders against infections.

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