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  • Photo Facial

    Photo Facial

    Photo Facial reduces visible signs of aging.
    One day you wake up and suddenly see fine lines, especially around the eyes, dark spots/ or your skin suddenly looks dull, lack luster and glow.
    Photo facial treatments work to reduce visible signs of premature aging, such as sun damage, brown spots, visible facial veins, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. When this happens it can be very discouraging to you and you’ll think that you’re stuck with this, or that’s what aging looks like. Well, you don’t have to , you can now choose to decrease not signs of aging and take control of the signs of aging. You can now get back your glowing more youthful skin.

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  • Laser Hair Removal

    Laser Hair Removal

    Say goodbye to your razor and get smooth, hair free skin.
    Laser hair removal has become a very popular non surgical treatment among men and women. It is not only convenient but can save you time and money in the long run.
    Laser Hair removal uses a light technology emitted from a health Canada approved medical laser. It’s based on the principle of light being attracted to and absorbed by the pigment(melanin) contain within the hair follicle. The light damages the hair follicle. After you finish your laser sessions, you will say goodbye to shavers, and all waxing.

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  • Botox/Dysport


    Botox/Dysport is a non surgical anti aging treatment that is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles.
    It’s a muscle relaxant which is meticulously injected into specific muscles to achieve the desired results. When injected it relaxes the muscles resulting in a smoother appearance.
    Botox, Dysport, Xeomin are all neuro modulators used to treat fine lines and wrinkles ,usually in the upper portion of the face. Neuro modulators is also used to treat excessive sweating and migraines. At VIP MEDSPA we use Botox & Dysport to treat Wrinkles, Facial Contouring and Excessive Sweating (hyperhidrosis).
    Our Board Certified Medical Doctor has been injecting for over 10 years and expertly uses Botox/Dysport along with Dermal Fillers to create a non surgical facelift/ Liquid Face Lift.
    At Vip Medspa, we will customize your non surgical facelift to suit your budget, ethnicity and your desire. Our patients are our bill board hence we will help you look like yourself , except a more rested and youthful you!

  • Dermal Fillers

    Dermal Fillers

    Dermal fillers help to diminish facial lines ,restore volume and fullness in the face. As we age, our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat. The facial muscles are then working closer to the skin surface, so smile lines and crow's feet become more apparent. The facial skin also stretches a bit, adding to this loss of facial volume. Other factors that affect the facial skin include sun exposure, heredity and lifestyle. In addition, fat compartments in the cheeks may descend toward the jawline, thereby affecting the whole facial contour. Furthermore, due to the loss of collagen, hydration, and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles may appear. Dermal fillers with stabilized hyaluronic acid have become an important treatment alternative to correct all of these changes.
    Also, people of all ages may have a desire to enhance themselves in their own unique way. For example, they may want to enhance or refine their lips, cheeks, chin, jawline or nose bridge, according their own aesthetic aspirations. In all of these cases, dermal fillers with stabilized hyaluronic acid can be used in a way that allows patients to fulfill their wishes.

  • Lip Injections

    Lip Injections

    Because we’re all unique, some of us are naturally born with thin lips, uneven asymmetrical lips or lips that are just not proportioned for our face shape. Also, over time Lips get thinner and less defined.

    • 1 in 5 women wish they could change something about their lips
    • 8% wish their lips were softer
    • 6% wish their lips were fuller

    If you’d like to correct these issues with very little maintenance then Lip Injections is for you. Lip injections/Lip enhancement is done by injecting Dermal Fillers into your lips. Depending on the quantity, type of filler and the INJECTOR some of the common benefits include:

    • Increase in volume. Fuller Lips
    • Smooth out Fine lines on and around the lip area.
    • Reshaping the lips , but maintaining your natural beauty.
    • Correct uneven Vermillion Border (this is the area between the lips and facial skin)
    • Creating a perfect Cupids Bow.

    If you’re interested in having Lip Fillers we recommend you scheduling a consultation with our trained Medical Doctor Injector. On your consultation he will determine which filler is best suited for you & if you’re a candidate for lip enhancement. Pictures and a detailed medical history will be taken at this time. Pricing will also be discussed with you by our Clinic Coordinator.

  • Accent Body Contouring / Cellulite Treatment

    Accent Body Contouring / Cellulite Treatment

    The Accent™ body contouring ,skin tightening treatment is a safe, non-invasive procedure. It is clinically proven to help smooth wrinkles ,cellulite and sagging skin for an overall younger looking appearance.
    The treatment delivers natural looking results with little to no downtime – on all skin colors, for the face and body, over a series of treatments. Since there is no surgery involved you can generally return to normal activities immediately following the procedure.
     Accent™ treatments effectively helps in flattening and reshaping any flabby, wrinkle-prone or dimply skin on your body.
    The Health Canada, FDA approved Accent™ can aid in smoothening your stomach area, contouring your hip ,thighs, and toning your upper arms. It is also popular post pregnancy or after completing a surgical procedure. In addition to body contouring, this procedure is highly recommended to treat the face and neck. Our patients find the Accent™ treatment painless and free of discomfort.
    ​Accent™ employs the use of advanced medical technology, known as radio-frequency (RF). Through targeted energy from radio-frequency, heat is applied to the inner layer of your skin, or dermis. In doing so, the energy assists in restructuring the cellular environment and energizes the cells to discharge toxins, reduce excess fluid, and encourage collagen production. As a result of the treatment, you will notice an improvement in blood circulation and a tightening of connective tissues. These processes will combine to provide your skin & body with a firmer, more toned appearance.

  • Chemical Peels

    Chemical Peels

    Chemical Peels are professional Peels the helps Refresh, tighten and illuminate the skin. It’s a non invasive, cosmetic procedure that’s used to improve the skin’s condition on the face, neck, hands, arms & legs. It is used to exfoliate/resurface the epidermis (top layer of skin) by getting rid of dead skin cells that has accumulated on the surface – creating a dull, lack luster, aged skin on your face, neck, hands & arms.
    Our skin naturally sheds and produces new skin cell, however, as we age this process is much slower resulting in an accumulation of dead skin cells, hence, uneven skintone, fine lines, wrinkles & uneven texture. For aging dull skin, a Chemical Peel becomes the chemical agent used to help minimize these effects. Peels help refresh, tighten and illuminate the appearance of your skin. Most of our peels are recommended for all skin types, except for ALUMIER POWER GLOW, which is recommended for skin Type 1 only.

  • Micro Needling

    Micro Needling

    Micro-Needling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT) is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and the improvement of the skin’s texture, tone and color. (It is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets). During this procedure, the Eclipse MicroPen® is used to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin in order to aid in the production of collagen and elastin. The skin’s repair process results in a thicker epidermis with a softer appearance with less wrinkles. Our trained medical aestheticians use the Eclipse MicroPen® to create micro-channels which allow for topical gels, creams and serums to be absorbed more effectively, enhancing the effects in deeper layers of the skin. AT Vip Medspa our expert skin Specialist can also combine Micro needling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) also refer to as the VIP GOLD FACIAL.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy (PRP)

    Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy (PRP)

    Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy (PRP) is a non surgical procedure for patients requiring growth stimulation for thinning hair or for patients wanting to enhance their Hair Transplant results.
    Platelet Rich Plasma a product derived from you the patient. It’s organic and pure. PRP is the Plasma (serum) that’s carefully ,meticulously extracted from your blood through a centrifugation process. PRP is golden in color and is rich in growth factors, stem cells and rich platelets, hence the name PLATELET RICH PLASMA. This rich extract is expertly injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. The best candidates for this treatment are patients with thinning hair or weak hair growth. If you’re noticing that your hairline/ the space used for parting your hair is getting thinner or wider then you should book a consultation with our Doctor. Hair follicles has to be present and functioning. This procedure isn’t for patient’s with complete baldness. PRP isn’t used for growing new hair but to strengthen and thicken existing hair follicle. To determine if you’re a candidate for PRP book a free CONSULTATION with our Medical Consultants. If PRP isn’t for you we will suggest the right treatment for you.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Facial rejuvenation

    Platelet Rich Plasma Facial rejuvenation: VIP Golden Facelift

    PRP Facial rejuvenation is a non surgical, mildly invasive rejuvenating procedure that uses PLATELET RICH PLASMA derived from a patients blood, to regenerate and repair cells and soft tissue, resulting in a significant decrease in aging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scars. You may have heard of this facial rejuvenation, it’s a procedure that has many names, such as VAMPIRE FACIAL, BLOOD FACIAL & PRP FACELIFT. At VIP MEDSPA we refer to this miracle procedure as the VIP GOLDEN FACELIFT. While it’s refer to as a facelift, this procedure is widely used to treat face and body (eg: hands, neck ,under eyes and stretch marks). Platelet Rich Plasma has been used in medicine for many decades. It was used to aid in reconstructive surgery, sports medicine & orthopedic medicine. Because of the regenerative property PRP has taken a new purpose in the beauty, anti-aging industry, to treat all skin types and conditions. It’s also widely for hair restoration. Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the most natural, effective and safe product available in the beauty industry . Both men and women are candidates for PRP Rejuvenation, you must be in good health between the ages of 18 -70 . If you will like to know if PRP Rejuvenation is for you and your aging concerns book a free CONSULTATION today. One of consultation specialists will be happy to meet with you.

  • Micro Dermabrasion

    Micro Dermabrasion

    Micro dermabrasion is one of the most effective treatments used to reduce the visible signs of aging. The word abrasion means “to scrape or the wearing away of something”, micro means “extremely small”. Put these together and we create extremely small controlled abrasions to the top layer of the skin. I’m certain the word abrasion seems intimidating, not something you’d imagine doing to your face, however, as soon as we add the word micro besides it becomes one of the most effective ways to regain your smooth, glowing and youthful skin again. The skin naturally sloughs off dead cells everyday. However, aging doesn’t help in this process, as we age this process slows down, the dead skin cells then sits on the skin longer, resulting in your complexion appearing dull and aged.
    Microdermabrasion is a procedure that exfoliates and sloughs off the superficial layer of dead, dry skin cells. It speeds up the natural process of sloughing off dead skin cells by essentially “buffing & polishing” the top layer of the skin using a diamond tip wand. By removing the dead skin cells we reveal new, bright and healthy skin.

  • oxygeno


    The OxyGeneoTM has earned the reputation as the #1 Facial Treatment in Canada for one simple reason… it works

    • Immediate and significant results, visible after 1st treatment
    • Soothing and relaxing
    • Natural skin oxygenation from within by Bohr effect
    • Infusion of natural & powerful active ingredients to the skin
    • Long term skin texture and appearance improvement
    • Supported by real science and medical studies
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Treatments for face & body
    • Never tested on animals
    • Vegan ingredients
    • No downtime

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