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Imagine… skincare so precisely tailored…individualized…that it addresses every skin concern you might have perfectly – and powerfully. Imagine a skincare program that soothes,refines, balances, corrects and prevents with formulations developed specifically for you, and no one else and is prepared in front of you. Custom skincare does'nt get better than this.

No other skincare program as powerfully addresses every skincare concern you might have, with formulations developed specifically – and precisely – for you. And no other skincare program has 19 “Actives” – potent, pharmaceutical grade, skin-enhancing, ingredients –that are available in 57 possible concentrations. With Universkin we can create close to 1,200 unique formulations, truly personalizing your skincare far more precisely than you have ever experienced before.

Whatever your concerns – skin that's stressed, or wrinkled…loss of volume or firmness…inflammation and redness…inflammatory acne or rosacea …dry skin or thickened skin that may have blackheads and comedones…oily skin and acne…, melasma or post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation – with just one or two products formulated specifically for you, you’re on your way to the best skin you’ve had in years.

Universkin was developed by some of Europe’s most renowned Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons and skin care scientists, Universkin is skin science at work: ten years of research and clinical studies led to remarkable skincare breakthroughs –soothing, repairing, pharmaceutical grade formulations that are created individually and specifically for you by your Universkin specialist.

Universkin science created the perfect“delivery system.” Highly soothing and nourishing in itself, their anti-inflammatory patented P Serum delivers the pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients prescribed specifically for you based on an in-depth consultation with one of our Skin Care Specialists.


Five Simple Steps to Customized Skincare:

  • STEP 1
    Our Skincare specialist will do a careful evaluation of your skin including an in-depth questionnaire.
  • STEP 2
    She will then determine the precise formulations for your skin.
  • STEP 3
    In less than one minute, your personalized formulas are prepared while you wait
  • STEP 4
    At Vip Medspa we recommend you using your Universkin serums as directed, morning and/or evening
  • STEP 5
    As your skin changes with time or the seasons we will re-evaluate and refine your personal formula.
    Universkin treats all types of skin conditions, whatever you have we have a serum for THAT.Do you have loss of volume, Oxidative Stress, Inflamed Skin, Dry Skin ,Oily Skin, Melasma, Acne or Rosacea then UNIVERSKIN is perfect for your skin care routine.
Skin Resurfacing


Advanced skin rebalance magistral serum

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Universkin™ Serum P is a multi-purpose soothing serum, a patented combination optimized to assist with regeneration and repair epidermal skin. An intelligent formula, with a nude and light texture, consisting of high-quality ingredients in perfect harmony with the skin:

  • Organic Camelina oil to allow the skin* to produce natural anti-inflammatory compounds, the omega-3
  • Biomimetic peptides complex P developed by universkin™ containing a unique combination of 4 peptides that are biological messengers for the physiological balance of the skin*
  • Hyaluronic acid to maintain the proper functioning of the extracellular matrix

Universkin™ Serum P alone is the ideal cosmetic for soothing and repairing the skin. The basis is a high-tech vector to integrate pure active ingredients at concentrations as decided by your practitioner in respect of the regulatory framework.

Contains: Omega-3**, Vitamin E in Camelina oil, Hyaluronic acid, Acetyl tripeptide-1 (Kollaren™), Acetyl hexapeptide-1 (Melitane™), Acetyl tetrapeptide-2 (Thymulen™) and Trifluoroacetyl tripeptide-2 (ECM protect™)

Content 15 ML
To be used daily before applying face cream or make-up. Apply 4 to 6 drops – using a light circular motion.

*Superficial skin layers
**Omega-3 bio-transformed in situ by Camelina oil

Skin Resurfacing


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Based on years of research, the medical team of universkin™ has meticulously selected 19 active ingredients based on their efficacy and tolerance.

To design your formula, a skin analysis is conducted through a questionnaire structured in 8 colours corresponding to the 8 main skin functions enabling the selection of the relevant active ingredients out of the 19 we have available.

The universkin™Serum P can integrate up to 3 pure active ingredients. Your practitioner will choose the right active ingredients for you, and in less than 1 minute, your skincare formula will be prepared for you, right in front of you. This method avoids the use of multiple chemical preservatives. Thus, even the fragile actives – freshly integrated in the emulsion base – deliver their best efficacy. Your formula will be fine-tuned over time to match your lifestyle, age, skin condition, and seasonal and environmental aggressions.

OXIDATIVE STRESS UV l lifestyle l pollution


Ferulic Acid | SOD

SKIN APPEARANCE loss of volume l wrinkles l sagging


Isoflavones | DMAE | Retinol | Madecassoside | Vitamin C



Rutin | Vitamin B3 | Azelaic Acid



Vitamin B5 | Aloe Vera



Salicylic Acid | Phytic Acid | Glycolic Acid



Zinc Sulfate



Arbutin | Kojic Acid




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